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Help, My Dryer Is Not Drying! 3 Reasons Your Dryer Isn’t Working

Nothing beats warm and fresh clothes hot out of the dryer. However, if your dryer is not drying you are probably not having the best experience. If you’re stuck with clothes that just won’t get dry then this article is for you!

We have done our research and figured out the top 3 reasons why your dryer isn’t drying. Let’s get started!

1. Check the Vent

One of the more common reasons that a dryer is not drying clothes thoroughly is a blocked vent. This vent carries the warm air to the clothing inside of the dryer. If the vent is full of debris it can overheat resulting in the thermostat shutting off. 

Here are the steps to fix the problem:

1. Clean the lint screen thoroughly.

2. Remove the vent hose and shake out excess build-up and then reattach the hose.

3. Turn on a high heat timed dry cycle. 

4. Check the exterior exhaust vent. 

5. Feel the air coming out of the vent. It should be hot air with a steady flow.

If you feel no hot air or no air at all, there may be a more serious issue than the vent being clogged. 

2. Power Supply Issues

First things first, whenever you are working with appliances in your home remember that safety is first! There are almost 30,000 shock-related injuries per year. Never handle exposed wires or do maintenance that you’re unfamiliar with. 

That being said, some simple power supply issues could be causing your dryer to not dry properly. Let’s take a look.

The Dryer Isn’t Plugged In

This might sound silly, but sometimes our solutions are easier than the problem! Double-check to make sure that the dryer did not accidentally get unplugged. 

Tripped Circut Breaker

When using an electric dryer, the supply will be from two 120V breakers. If one of the breakers is tripped the dryer will have issues. Check your electric panel to ensure that a breaker has not been tripped.


If you have a gas dryer double-check that you have paid your gas bill on-time. There could also be an issue with the gas flow to the dryer. Consult your gas company for assistance. 

If you have exhausted all of these possibilities for why your dryer will not dry it might be time to contact a professional or consider buying a new dryer

3. Washing Machine Issues

In some cases, it is not the dryer that is the problem. Instead, it is the washing machine that is the culprit! If your washer is not draining the water properly or completing the spin cycle your dryer will have to work much harder to get the clothes dry. 

When you remove your clothes from the washer check to see if there is water left in the washer. If your clothes are very heavy and feeling soaked when you remove them, that could indicate that there is a problem with the washer

What to Do When Your Dryer Is Not Drying

If your dryer is not drying after you have done these troubleshooting steps you should contact a professional. They may indicate that you need a new dryer or they might be able to fix the problem. 

Keeping up with maintenance on your washer and dryer is important for your safety and for the longevity of your appliances. 

If you would like to look over your options and learn more about washers and dryers in your home click here!

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