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Why should you rent a washer and dryer set?

The best appliance is the one that suits your lifestyle. While some people may choose a separate washer and dryer set, others may go with a washer/dryer combo to utilize the limited space. 

A set of washer and dryer rental is great for you if you have a large family and you are looking to make your laundry system more efficient and hassle-free. The innovative features of washer and dryer rentals give you all these benefits, along with many other features that will preserve your favorite clothes longer. Here’s why it’s worth it. 

Perfect care for all kinds of apparel 

From very-dirty sports apparel and casual shirts to gentle jerseys, a washer and dryer set washes and dries all kinds of clothes in a gentle yet thorough manner. No matter if the soiling level is soft or tough, the laundry that comes out is clean and dry. 

Additionally, several helpful and smart programs and features make the laundry process as easy and hassle-free as possible. 

Effective and sustainable 

In addition to being helpful, a washer and dryer set is built to last. This means you can trust a set of washer and dryer rentals to serve you well in the long haul. The drive motor on most of the leading washer and dryer sets comes with a 10-year motor warranty as proof of its extraordinary quality. 

And a variety of water, detergent, and energy-saving features improve your daily life by making it more sustainable. 

Dynamic and powerful performance 

Unlike the washer and dryer combo, having a set of separate washer and dryer means they only have one chore to focus on. Therefore, the results are much better due to a more powerful output from each machine.  

Essentially, a set of separate washer rentals or dryer rentals will have more space and power to get the job done. As a result, they will deliver a fast and flawless wash. 

Dries faster 

Separate dryer rentals are preferred for larger families since they have a bigger drum space than washer-dryer combos. In fact, separate dryers can hold up to 10 kg, while washer-dryer combos can fit about 5 or 6 kg only. So, if your requirements demand drying a lot of laundry, a set of washer and dryer rentals is definitely worth considering. 

There’s a condenser at the bottom of a dryer that has a hot and cold section to heat up and cool down the air. The temperature of the cold section of the condenser cools down to the point where it pulls all the moisture from the hot air and changes it into water. Since the difference in temperature between the air and the condenser is extreme, the moisture moves from the hot air quickly and your clothes dry faster. 

Additionally, a separate dryer can also be more resourceful in terms of energy than a typical washing machine, giving you another reason to think about when making your choice.  

Washes and dries very energy-efficiently 

A separate set of washer and dryer rental washes and dries powerfully and energy-efficiently. You can save a lot on your energy cost by buying or renting a washer with an A energy label and a separate dryer with an A+++ energy label. 

Although the initial cost of getting two appliances may seem a bit much, in the long run, this will save you a lot on the energy bills over the lifespan of the appliances. 

Best suited for big families 

If your everyday life is busy, and you always have heaps of laundry to get through, then a washer and dryer set is more efficient for your active lifestyle. If you are looking for appliances for lease then a separate washer and dryer set will be more energy efficient and it will take much less time to wash and dry a full stack of clothes. 

An additional benefit of considering these appliances for leasing is that they can both run at the same time. This means that you do not have to wait to wash another load of laundry. While one is soaking up, you can put another load of laundry in the washer without the wait!  

Less prone to breaking down 

Separate appliances for leasing are not expected to break down easily as they each have fewer components and do a lesser amount of work than a combined washer and dryer. 

Since each machine is reserved for one task, so the risks of breaking down are comparatively rarer making it more efficient in the long run. 

Consider a set of washer and dryer rentals for improved results 

The decision to choose a washer rental, dryer rental, or washer and dryer rental depends on the space you have, and your budget. Although nowadays the companies that provide appliance for lease have options like stacked washer and dryer set to save some space. That way, only one machine will take up the floor space.  

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