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Wash Your Clothes the Right Way! 11 Laundry Tips to Know

About to wash your clothes? Dissatisfied with ruined clothing after each cleaning? Did the thought of learning how to wash them better pop up? 

Well, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will cover 11 tips to help you wash your clothes the right way. Keep reading to discover these laundry tips, and bring enjoyment back to laundry.

1. Detergent

When it comes to choosing a good detergent, most of the people we know go for the cheapest one, which still has a pleasant smell. Clothing is delicate, so it needs a delicate approach.

The powdered detergent will work fine for a general load and is not expensive. However, in cold water, it might no dissolve and leave residue on your fabrics.

A liquid detergent contains enzymes, which are great for preparing stains for a wash. So the key to finding the best liquid detergent is to read the label. The more enzymes it has, the more cleaning power it will possess.

So what about single-use tablets, packs, and pods? Sure, they are convenient and prevent over-dosing, making laundry more affordable.

Nonetheless, it’s best to have a set of tools to tackle specific problems, rather than one tool to tackle them all. 

2. Water Temperature

Choosing the correct temperature for each laundry load is critical to the success of your cleaning. Coldwater works great for delicate fabric, items that can shrink, and sensitive bleeding clothing. It also saves money on utilities, if that matters. 

Warm water is fine for lightly soiled clothing and human weaved fabrics.

Hot water is meant to be used on towels and bedding, heavily stained clothing, oil, greasy whites, cotton filaments.  

3. Back to Detergent

You didn’t think we would mention detergent once, did you? Too much detergent is a problem. Overdosing contributes to sud creation, which traps soil – allowing it to be redeposited in the future. 

Use one-half less than the recommended, and you will most likely still be satisfied with the results. The clothing will look great and save you money.

Also, if you are using a front load washer, too much detergent can contribute to pungent smell.

If you have a front load washer that smells terrible, using less detergent may just solve your problem.

4. Stain Removal

Quick action is the only step towards stain removal. As soon as the stain occurs, soak the clothing in cold water, use a stain remover and place it in the washer. 

If the stain remains, don’t put it in the dryer. Stain remover, and wash again. However, you should be knowledgeable about the proper stain removal method for each type of stain, as well. 

5. Fading Colors

Clothes can be expensive, and fading contributes to their poor look. 

You can prevent this by turning dark clothing inside out so that you can avoid abrasion to other fabric surfaces, which often causes the dull coloring.

By doing so, you save your colors and protect your wallet from extensive clothing purchases. 

6. Stretch & Shrink

Clothes shrink and stretch. They are made of different fibers and weaves. So you must either know how to wash a specific clothing piece properly, or use the reliant method of cold water washing, and the non-usage of a hot clothing dryer. 

7. White Whites

Whites are known to lose their vibrancy, and even turn yellow. This might be because you are using low temperatures, or overloading the washer with dirty clothing, which settles the soil in other clothing. Such as whites.

8. Delicate Care

In order to prevent your delicate underwear or other pieces of clothing hold their shape, wash by hand in cool water. If you need to use a washer, toss them in a mesh lingerie bag and use the delicate setting.

9. Bleeding Colors

Nobody wants to see your white shirt turn blue after a wash. Always sort your clothing to prevent color bleeding into fabrics that don’t know better. 

If you want to know if something bleeds color, take a wet cotton swab, rub it on a seam and see if the dye transfers. 

If it does, wash the item by hand. But if you miss this step, and still dye your clothing. Learn how to remove dye stains. 

10. Wrinkle Reduction

Use a dryer sheet or fabric softener to help remove wrinkles, and use the lower dryer temperatures to ensure it stays that way. 

Remove clothing as soon as its dry, and don’t wait to hang or fold it.

11. Clean the Machine

One would think – why clean a washing machine? Doesn’t it do it on its own? 

Well, you don’t have to wash it regularly. Do it once in every couple of months, set the washer to the maximum load setting, and hottest temperature. Add some white vinegar and a cure of baking soda – allow the washer to mobilize for a minute. 

Open the lid or pause, place the mixture in and let it sit. After an hour, resume the cycle and run a second one on how to remove all of the residues.

Laundry Tips to Help You Save Your Clothing

Now that you have uncovered the 11 laundry tips that will help you make your laundry experience more efficient, safe, and enjoyable – you are well on your way to knowing how to wash your clothes without unforeseen troubles. 

If you’re interested in similar topics, check out some of our other blogs. Or if you would like to check out appliance leasing, get in touch with us and we will help you out.

Good luck!

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