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7 Top Tips for Choosing the Best Washer and Dryer for Your Needs

Several things in life sort themselves out, but it’s significant to know your choices when choosing a washer and dryer.

If your washer and dryer are suddenly on the blink, it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of buying by exploring infinite options, price plugs, and attractive features. The collection of washers and dryers is quite wide: front or top-loading, high-productivity or standard-efficacy, gas or electric. 

Check out these guidelines to focus on getting the perfect washer and dryer rental for your financial plan, cleaning requirements, and home design so you can bring down that increasing pile of laundry.

1. Consider Buying Both as a Set

It’s usually a good decision to opt for the set of washer and dryer rentals, but it is not always essential. 

When you replace the old faulty washer and dryer at the same time, you’ll get a laundry system that’ll operate at the same competence, match in productivity levels, and—most significantly—be the same age.

If your old washer just broke down but your dryer is still functional, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need to change that as well. Besides, when you get the washer-dryer set, you’ll most likely get a discount as opposed to getting them separately.

2. Start evaluating with size and capacity numbers

The size of your washer and dryer is one of the most significant considerations in your evaluation. Carefully analyze the dimensions of the appliance for lease or buying and measure the area in your home. Experts recommend adding at least 6 inches backside of both your washer and dryer for the water and venting outlets. 

You should also consider a distance of 2 to 3 inches between your washer and dryer unless you select a stacking pair of washer and dryer rental.

Capacity Statistics

A washer and dryer’s capacity suggests that you can throw that large quilt or a huge pile of clothes in the washer-dryer without running the risk of damage or causing an imperfect cleaning.

If you have a big family that has a continuous run of laundry, choose the larger capacity to prevent the machine from straining over time. Small washers and dryers consume more energy to get your laundry clean and dry.

3. Know Your Budget

Consider your budget while contemplating which washer and dryer rentals or purchasing is your best option. Buying a new washer can range from a base model machine of $350 to high-efficiency (HE) models of up to $2,000range.

Dryers can cost between $400 to $1,500. You can save some money by opting for a washer rental or dryer rental separately.

Calculate energy costs as it can affect the cost of a washer and dryer in the long run.

4. Decide Between Front-Loading vs. Top-Loading

Front-loading washers are the hot product on the market; most HE washers and dryers have front-loading systems as they offer better overall cleaning, remove stains efficiently, and consume less water and energy. Picking a front-loading dryer is not as vital, but they are easier to stack with front-loading washers if your aim is to save space too.

Top-loading washers and dryers are a classic choice and they cost a little less than front-loading machines. Top-loading machines are easier to maintain because they are less prone to collect mold than front-loading machines. Though most top-loading models consume more water and energy to both wash and dry your clothes and some models can also cause harm to your gentle laundry items.

5. Consider High-Efficiency Washer and Dryer

Some of the great advantages of using an Energy Star washer and dryer are great savings on utility bills, less consumption of water and fossil fuels, and a smaller bearing on the environment.

Typically, HE washers and dryers can cope with big loads and complete cycles in a smaller amount of time, making your everyday laundry life a lot easier.

However, the direct costs of purchasing a washer and dryer are substantially higher than a conventional top-loading machine with standard efficiency ratings. So, choosing the right one for your home may come down to your original financial plan.

6. Gas vs. Electric Dryers

Gas dryers are the best for faster drying with less energy and they also usually cost less electricity on your energy bill. 

But you’ll require a gas hook-up in your home, which can be expensive, so consider this factor as well while taking your pick. Considering the upfront cost, the gas dryers cost about a couple hundred dollars more than an electric model.

So, the choice is yours: Do you want to spend more upfront for lower operations costs or do you want to stick to your budget?

7. Focus on Your Favorite Features

Modern-day washers and dryers, especially the more luxurious models, come with many added features. Do not get blindsided by the decorative features and choose wisely the appliance that matches your requirements. Once you pick and choose your ideal model, call out a local appliance installation crew to make sure the machine is installed properly. Or if you have decided to go with appliance for leasing company for washer and dryer rentals then contact A&A Appliance Leasing.

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