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Why Exactly Is My Refrigerator Not Cooling?

Nothing is more worrying than opening up your fridge, and not feeling cool air. It’s a big sign that you’re having fridge problems.

To keep from losing all your food, it’s important to get these problems fixed as soon as possible.

Have you noticed that your refrigerator is not cooling and want to know why? Here are some of the most common reasons that this may be happening and what to do about them.

Head to the Thermostat

The first thing you should do when you encounter fridge problems is to look at the thermostat. It’s possible that the thermostat was knocked out of place and is now set wrong.

If that’s not the issue, it still could be caused by your thermostat. You can troubleshoot this by setting the thermostat to the highest setting. Hearing it click means that it’s probably working.

Even if you do hear it, you should still have it checked.

Condenser and Evaporator Coils: You Need Them

Your fridge has two important coils, the condenser coil, and the evaporator coil. Both have important jobs to do when it comes to keeping your fridge cool.

The condenser coil deals with the refrigerant. It uses the refrigerant to cool down the air going to your fridge.

The condenser coils need to be cleaned regularly. If they aren’t, dust can start to build-up on them, stopping them from doing their job. This is one of the most common reasons that your refrigerator won’t cool down. Make sure to check up on them regularly to verify that they’re clean.

The evaporator coils are all about pushing the cold air to where it needs to go. While they need to keep their cool, it’s important that these coils don’t get too cold. If they do, frost will build up and cause them to stop working.

In the best-case scenario, you would have to disconnect your fridge and allow them to defrost. Despite this, you should still have your fridge looked at.

Fan Problems

Like the coils, there is both a condenser fan and an evaporator fan. Both of them can cause issues with your fridge not cooling. Remember how the condenser coils can become dusty and stop working? The same can happen to the condenser fan.

A good cleaning can work to get this up and running again, or in severe cases, a replacement is needed.

The evaporator fan is a little trickier to deal with. It’s often directly related to problems that you may have with the evaporator coils. When the fan stops working, the evaporator coils can get frosty as mentioned earlier.

But if the main issue is with the fan, a replacement of the motor might be in order. To verify that this is the issue, you should always have it looked at.

Or if you don’t want to worry about repairs again, you can think about leasing a fridge instead.

Refrigerator Not Cooling? Keep It in Working Order

It can be scary to open up your fridge and feel the warm air. As a homeowner, it’s something you always have to keep an eye on.

If you’re looking to expand your options, you might consider leasing a fridge instead.

At A&A Appliance Leasing, we can install it, repair it and replace it. You’ll never have to worry about your refrigerator not cooling again. If you want to keep your cool with our all-in-one service, give us a call today!


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A&A Appliances Leasing

Customer Reviews

Akash Borate

AA appliances have been great taking care of us. We rented a fulls size washer and dryer with them. No issues worked great. Also they were good enough to have it moved when our lease expired to a new location. Thanks alot.

kids h

I have heard nothing but awesome things about this company. I just placed and order and my washer and dryer will be here tomorrow!! Great customer service on the phone. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Would recommend to anyone.

Will J

***HIGHY RECOMMENDED***Susan is a gem, she placed my order and confirmed delivery with a 2 day turn around. The application was super easy and only took 5 min. Thank you A&A Appliance.

Lauren P Wellman

Best price in town and excellent customer service! When I had an issue with my dryer no longer turning on, they came right out as soon as my schedule was free to meet them and fixed it. They're always quick to reply and very friendly from the beginning when I signed up until the very end when I was scheduling my pickup/ cancellation date.

Dee Jay

A for amazing service & A for amazing value! Love these guys, check them out!

Ellie Goebel

I've been using A&A Leasing for a year now and its been wonderful!! Had an issue with the initial washer that I received, and they immediately issued me a new one! They are so sweet and they've been great to work with. Best price in town too! Wouldn't suggest anyone else.

Santosh Murali

Thank you for providing excellent service. It was fast, easy, convenient.

Ann Ramage

A & A has been wonderful to work with! I had some problems initially, but they cheerfully worked with me to deliver different appliances. They are always friendly, courteous, and professional. And prompt! They always call to let me know when my appointment was scheduled, and then I always get a call telling me when they are headed my way. I can't recommend them highly enough. Excellent service and reasonable prices!

A LonghornDiva

I believe in supporting local businesses. Especially when blessed to encounter kind people such as Susan and Alex. Although I did not lease my washer/dryer with them, they have left a memorable mark of kindness, helpfulness I will not soon forget. A&A provided exceptional service! Here's to doing business in the future !! God Bless You😊

Vijay Kumar Dadi

Rented washer and dryer for about an year and I am completely impressed. On time service and very responsive.