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Community Leasing: Key Advantages to Rent Appliances in Bulk

The rent-to-own industry is expected to reach $38 million by 2026. 

Have you ever considered renting appliances for your community? What questions do you have about the process? Are there benefits to renting over buying?

This is a growing industry that you should be aware of if you are searching for appliances.

Keep reading to learn more about the advantages when you choose to rent appliances.

Low on Cash? No Problem

The premise of rent-to-own products is that you are renting the item instead of purchasing it outright. This is especially advantageous when you may not be in the financial position to purchase an expensive appliance. No homeowner has control over when their appliances stop working, and it may not happen at the best time to pour cash into a new, unexpected purchase. 

Once you choose the appliance or appliances that you would like, we take care of the rest. We will cover everything from installation to repair to replacement (if it is ever needed) on the product for the duration of the rental. 

Simple Move

If you plan on moving from your current apartment, condo, townhome, etc., in the future, the choice to rent appliances can save you a headache on moving day. Since the items are not yours, you can have them returned before your move and not pay to have the heavy, hard-to-move items on the truck from place to place. If the community purchases the items in bulk, they will likely stay in the unit for the next renter and not be something that you have to worry about. 

You will not have to worry about the appliances fitting into the new location because you can rent a different option once you move in. The range of products available allows you to be flexible in renting a smaller or larger item if space requires it. 

Try Before You Buy

Are you thinking of getting a new appliance but aren’t sure it will work in your home? Renting is a great option to allow you to test out the appliance to see if you would like to purchase a similar item in the future. 

This is beneficial because you can experiment with the expensive item before buying it. For example, maybe you want to try a front-load washer but have never used one before. Renting one and seeing how you like it can give you peace of mind when deciding to purchase it or not later on. 

Using a new appliance for a relatively low payment cost could completely change how you look at appliances and which ones you invest in for the future. 

Get Started Today

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about how to rent appliances. We serve Austin and the surrounding areas and are happy to help with your rental needs. Check out the reviews on our website for a better look at what it is like to work with us. 

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