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Front Load vs. Top Load washers- which is a better choice for leasing?

There are many factors to think through when choosing which kind of washer and dryer rental is best for you. This includes considerations about space, home structure, your preferences and laundry practices.

Here is some information to understand more about the differences between top-load and front-load washing machines and which is a better choice to consider while choosing appliances for leasing.

Which One Should You Choose for Washer and Dryer Rentals?

Washer and dryer rentals are the most useful appliances for leasing. Front-load and top-load – both types of washers are an excellent choice for several households. With many distinct advantages and disadvantages of both types, the verdict boils down to your preferences and choices.

If you’re like many customers and are unsure on which design to choose, we’re here to help! As long as you choose an energy-efficient washer rental from one of the top brands of appliances for leasing, you’ll be in great hands no matter what.

Front Load Washers

Front-load washers, as their name indicates, are stocked through a door on the front of the machine similar to a front-load dryer. They’re considered the more modern design out of the two and have some amazing advantages over top loaders, but they’re not suitable for every situation. Here are some circumstances where we advise to choose a front-load washer rental.

  • Useful for Those with Space Restrictions—The front load model is useful in many challenging arrangements, such as in places where there’s a cupboard or a shelf above where you want to install it. Moreover, this design is a feature of the washer and dryer combo or stackable washer, which are two of the best options for smaller laundry rooms.
  • Affordable for Those with Bigger Families—Even though front-load washing machines tend to have longer wash cycles, they can manage high-capacity loads. They’re more reasonable to use because they let you cut back on laundry detergent and water usage, which will save you money over time.
  • Energy and Water Efficient— Front load washers are designed to use less water during a wash cycle. Moreover, as per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a new Energy Star certified front-loading washer uses around 14.8 gallons of water per load or less.
  • High-Quality wash—In general, front-load washers are appropriate when it comes to the quality of the wash. These machines are more effective at cleaning clothes and cause much less wear and tear on clothing than top-loading washers.

Some important points for consideration while choosing a front-load washer for rental.

  • It’s essential to bend or squat down to put laundry in a front load washer, which may be uncomfortable. 
  • Expect more maintenance than top-load washers.
  • You will not be able to put clothes in mid-cycle, as the door locks to avoid leakage.
  • Because of the front load design, it’s difficult for water to evaporate, so these washers may have more mold or mildew concerns.
  • These washers are more susceptible to damage due to overloading.

Top Load Washers

Top-load washers are loaded with clothes through a door on the top of the machine. It is the conventional approach to washing machine design. However, traditional isn’t always suitable. We endorse it in the following circumstances.

  • Suitable for Those with Extra Space—If space is not an issue for you and you prefer the design of the top-load washer, this is a great option. These machines cannot be stacked due to their design, so, they are usually placed in a side-by-side arrangement next to the dryer.
  • A more convenient option—If you’re an elderly person or have a medical condition, a top-load washer may be the better option. This design removes the need to bend down to load or unload the clothes from the washer, so it may be easier for people with mobility concerns.
  • Cheaper than Front-loaders—As you’ll see from browsing our selection of washer and dryer rentals, a top-load washer is generally cheaper than a front-load washer. This makes them a good option for your rental home, vacation home, or backup.

Some important points for consideration while choosing a top-load washer for rental.

  • The twisting system of agitator-style top-loading machines doesn’t clean clothes as efficiently as the tumbling motion of front-loading machines.
  • The agitator-style machines may not fit as many clothes per cycle as front-load machine.
  • These machines utilize more water and energy, so you may be paying more over time.
  • Top-load machines can be harsh on fabrics. Specifically, high-efficiency models can cause more twisting of laundry due to the low water level and faster spin speed.

Still Not Sure Which Washer to Choose for Leasing? We Can Help!

It’s important that you feel like you’re getting the best possible appliance for lease for your home, so don’t hesitate to contact A&A Appliance leasing for personalized guidance and information on washer rental, dryer rental, or washer and dryer rental. Whatever your preference is, our experts for appliances for leasing are prepared to guide you to the model that’s perfect for your budget, requirements, and personal choices.

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